Caramel Cider Affogato

 This Caramel Cider Affogato is a fun, delicious and oh-so-easy dessert! With only four ingredients, it could be a great Thanksgiving dessert if you don’t like the traditional pies or if you feel like having this in addition to pie. 😉 Either way, no judgement, you do you! I enjoyed this for a weeknight snack and it hit the spot. Cooking the raw sugar creates a hard candy that is broken up and sprinkled on top of the ice cream and apple cider. It adds a fun layer to this simple dessert, and takes just a few minutes to cook up.
The apple cider is made sweeter with a spoonful of caramel sauce that is poured over vanilla ice cream. I used some leftover caramel sauce from this Whiskey Caramel recipe, but jarred would be perfect too!  “Affogato” literally translates to “drowned” in English, and by drowning your ice cream in hot caramel apple cider you can enjoy this simple and unexpected dessert.

Caramel Cider Affogato

Makes 1 serving

1 tablespoon raw sugar
3 ounces apple cider juice
spoonful of caramel sauce
scoop of vanilla ice cream

Spray an apprx. 6×6 inch square of aluminum foil with cooking spray and set aside. Heat a small nonstick pan over medium heat, and add in the raw sugar. Stir it around, keeping it together in the pan, for about 5 minutes, until it is melted and immediately remove from heat and carefully pour onto the greased aluminum foil to let cool and harden. Once hardened, crack into small pieces. (You could also put into a sealed plastic bag and crush.)

Put one scoop of ice cream into your desired serving bowl or cup and set aside.

In a small microwave safe bowl or cup heat the apple cider juice in the microwave for about a minute in 30-second increments stirring in between. Once the cider is hot, stir in a small spoonful of caramel sauce.

Pour the hot caramel cider over the ice cream, top with candied sugar, and serve immediately!






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