Feeding a Crowd: Taco Night

A few weeks ago we beat UNLV 33-30 in overtime at an away game in Vegas with a ton of our amazing family there rooting on the Vandals!  This game was nerve wracking to say the least, but once the team sealed the deal for the big win everyone erupted in celebration! The excitement was tangible, … Continue reading Feeding a Crowd: Taco Night

Linebacker BBQ

We survived another dinner having the linebackers over! I say that because feeding 15 hungry players is always an undertaking and making sure there is a ton of food so they can eat as much as they want and have some to take home too always stresses me out. There's nothing worse than not making enough food. … Continue reading Linebacker BBQ

BIG WIN Chicken Burritos

In football news, this past weekend the team WON after many odds stacked against them. (Keep scrolling if you're here for the Chicken Burritos below 🙂 ) The team normally flies to the away games a day before the game and gets there mid-day with time to prep and have meetings. But, this trip was … Continue reading BIG WIN Chicken Burritos