Happy 1st Birthday CB EATS!

One year ago today I shared my tiny little blog with the world, it was nerve wracking and exciting all in one! I was elated to have something that was mine, that I felt passionate about and had something where I could create and share about my life and love for food. This little blog … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday CB EATS!

Chili Salt Guacamole 

Cinco de Mayo is next week and this Chili Salt Guacamole will definitely be on the menu that day in our house! I love Mexican food, I think it's because I grew up in central California and had access to so many tasty and authentic Mexican restaurants. Every time I visit California I always request visiting my … Continue reading Chili Salt Guacamole 

Caramel Cider Affogato

 This Caramel Cider Affogato is a fun, delicious and oh-so-easy dessert! With only four ingredients, it could be a great Thanksgiving dessert if you don't like the traditional pies or if you feel like having this in addition to pie. 😉 Either way, no judgement, you do you! I enjoyed this for a weeknight snack … Continue reading Caramel Cider Affogato

Roasted Yam and Jalapeno Arugula Aioli Tacos 

After my blunder with the sad, as in not crispy, sweet potato fries. I needed to redeem myself and make something worthy of the Jalapeno Arugula Aioli that I made last week.  I was still on a Mexican kick and decided I'd roast up some yams and make these Roasted Yam tacos. Shout out to all … Continue reading Roasted Yam and Jalapeno Arugula Aioli Tacos 

Greek Chicken and Roasted Peppers 

One of my sweet friends from work requested that I post a chicken recipe, and here it is, Greek Chicken with roasted peppers ! This chicken recipe is so simple to make and is a great take on lemon chicken, with a huge amount of flavor. The peppers I used for this recipe came from a trip … Continue reading Greek Chicken and Roasted Peppers 

Roasted Butternut Squash 

I bought my first butternut squash of the season. Last fall and winter I bought one at least every other week. I chop them up, roast them and eat it throughout the week. I got a little excited and bought the biggest one I could find...it's been a week of butternut squash all day everrrry … Continue reading Roasted Butternut Squash