Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart 

Words can't describe how I feel about this tart, oh how I love thee. The pop of red from the fresh strawberries, the sweetened mascarpone cheese, and the lemon zest crust are perfectly perfect together in this Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart. As I mentioned earlier this week Spring is just upon us and we're really … Continue reading Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart 

Sugared Danish Pancakes & Orange Zest Chocolate Ganache

Coated in sugar and dipped in chocolate is what any sweet treat should be about. These decadent Sugared Danish Pancakes and Orange Zest Chocolate Ganache would make any day feel as special as Valentines day. The best part is they're both so easy to make! The Danish Pancakes are a Trader Joe's frozen find (thanks to … Continue reading Sugared Danish Pancakes & Orange Zest Chocolate Ganache

Caramel Cider Affogato

 This Caramel Cider Affogato is a fun, delicious and oh-so-easy dessert! With only four ingredients, it could be a great Thanksgiving dessert if you don't like the traditional pies or if you feel like having this in addition to pie. 😉 Either way, no judgement, you do you! I enjoyed this for a weeknight snack … Continue reading Caramel Cider Affogato