Thanksgiving is almost here and I have been counting down the days! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it's the start of the holiday season and revolves around family, friends, giving thanks and of course food. This year we finally get to host thanksgiving dinner for some of Eric's family that are coming up for the … Continue reading CANDIED YAMS 

Roasted Yam and Jalapeno Arugula Aioli Tacos 

After my blunder with the sad, as in not crispy, sweet potato fries. I needed to redeem myself and make something worthy of the Jalapeno Arugula Aioli that I made last week.  I was still on a Mexican kick and decided I'd roast up some yams and make these Roasted Yam tacos. Shout out to all … Continue reading Roasted Yam and Jalapeno Arugula Aioli Tacos