Besty Weekend 

One of my best friends, Sammy, came to visit this past weekend!! It was so fun getting to hang and have besty time together. This was the first time she had been to Idaho or to visit us here and it was a blast.  She was supposed to fly into Pullman, which is about 15 … Continue reading Besty Weekend 

Asian Pears 

I stocked up on some Asian Pears at the Moscow farmers market recently. The market only runs through October, so I needed to get them while I could. I love Asian Pears and the last batch I bought was perfect. They have a really delicate sweet pear flavor and are so crunchy and juicy. Eating … Continue reading Asian Pears 

Greek Chicken and Roasted Peppers 

One of my sweet friends from work requested that I post a chicken recipe, and here it is, Greek Chicken with roasted peppers ! This chicken recipe is so simple to make and is a great take on lemon chicken, with a huge amount of flavor. The peppers I used for this recipe came from a trip … Continue reading Greek Chicken and Roasted Peppers 

Sunday Brunching

Weekends are for lounging, enjoying coffee on the couch while catching up on my DVR recordings, and getting things done around the house. I love having a clean house to start the week. This past Sunday was out of the ordinary and I broke the weekend routine and went to brunch, with my friend Kate, at Maialina … Continue reading Sunday Brunching