Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart 

Words can't describe how I feel about this tart, oh how I love thee. The pop of red from the fresh strawberries, the sweetened mascarpone cheese, and the lemon zest crust are perfectly perfect together in this Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart. As I mentioned earlier this week Spring is just upon us and we're really … Continue reading Strawberry Mascarpone Spring Tart 

Jalapeno and Arugula Aioli

Having an aioli on hand is great to use as a dressing, dip or to drizzle on top for many different meals. This aioli is fresh and light with a tiny hint of spice.    I originally made this to use as a dip for baked sweet potato fries, but the fries I made turned … Continue reading Jalapeno and Arugula Aioli