Vanilla Chai Coffee Creamer

I love coffee, my day wouldn't be complete without it, I have to drink it every morning and I couldn't survive the week without it... that is probably how many people out there feel. That's where this creamer comes into play and will help make your morning routine even more delicious than your regular cup … Continue reading Vanilla Chai Coffee Creamer

Pumpkin Spice Drop Cookies 

Now that it is officially October I can embrace all things pumpkin spice without any shame. I think everyone has a recipe similar to these Pumpkin Spice Drop Cookies, yet I want to share because eating these cookies made me so happy! It has been absolutely gorgeous here in Moscow, there is no doubt it's fall. This … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Drop Cookies 

Peanut Butter and Honey Overnight Oats 

Here's a deliciously filling recipe for overnight oats that only takes a little planning and prep work. I had been making this recipe without the peanut butter and honey for quite some time, and using maple syrup as a sweetener. I was craving peanut butter and decided this would be the perfect flavor combination for … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Honey Overnight Oats 

Pumpkin Spiced Olive Oil Granola

I have been wanting to make an olive oil granola for a few years now, it has been one of those recipes that has been on my mind ever since my Mom and I had some at a coffee shop in LA.  We were there on a weekend trip to pick up my wedding dress … Continue reading Pumpkin Spiced Olive Oil Granola