Asian Pears 

I stocked up on some Asian Pears at the Moscow farmers market recently. The market only runs through October, so I needed to get them while I could. I love Asian Pears and the last batch I bought was perfect. They have a really delicate sweet pear flavor and are so crunchy and juicy. Eating … Continue reading Asian Pears 

Happy Columbus Day! 

This past week was crazy busy with work and I definitely needed this 3 day weekend. Time to relax, regroup and spend some time with Eric!! He was off on Saturday for the bye weekend, and we made it count. This bye weekend was great and came at a perfect time, we've got friends and … Continue reading Happy Columbus Day! 

Rainy Day Vibes

It's a perfectly overcast and rainy day here. I am so enjoying the smell of rain and pitter patter on the window while I work and drink spiced apple cider. Set the mood for your day with this cover, Miss You- The Concretes (Rolling Stones cover). Some songs I could listen to on repeat for days. Hope … Continue reading Rainy Day Vibes


Woo! I love Fridays and here we are. This has been a great week, last Friday night started the weekend off on the right foot. Kate and I got dinner at a new restaurant here in Moscow, The Lodgepole. It might be one of my new faves.  I had the Lavender Melon Mimosa, it was … Continue reading TGIF 

Rainy Thursday

It's been raining most of today and it's been really relaxing being able to watch the rain from my desk. I have been burning this Espresso candle a lot lately. Drinking coffee while being surrounded by coffee smells makes for a good day at work... at home. I roasted some tomatoes last night from the … Continue reading Rainy Thursday