Happy 4 year wedding anniversary!

Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and because I'm a major sappy sap I was going through our wedding photos and had to share a few of my favorites! My love for this man is overflowing. I won't embarrass him and gush too hard, but he is truly the best. Inside and out he … Continue reading Happy 4 year wedding anniversary!

Pantry Declutter and Reorganization 

Brace yourself, this might be the most exciting post you're ever going to read on CB EATS...ha seriously though this pantry declutter and reorganization project has made life in the kitchen so much less stressful and much more functional. If you're into organizing your life and staying tidy this post is for you. I hope … Continue reading Pantry Declutter and Reorganization 

Potato Bowl Champs 2016 

I wanted share some pictures from the bowl week in Boise from back in December. It was a week full of football, hanging with family, some fun events and the big Idaho Potato Bowl. It was a whirlwind of a week, we were going non-stop and had a really great time. Eric worked the entire week … Continue reading Potato Bowl Champs 2016 

A New Year

We're already over a week into the New Year and I still can't even believe Christmas and NYE have come and gone. It felt like a whirlwind with the football season ending, Eric was off recruiting and I was finishing up gift wrapping and prepping for our big road trip to CA. We drove from our home in … Continue reading A New Year

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for Eric, our families, friends near and far, good health, happiness, and being able to enjoy this day with some of Eric's family, and to eat tons of good food! After lots of thought, I finally decided on what recipes I'd be making for the big dinner. … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Besty Weekend 

One of my best friends, Sammy, came to visit this past weekend!! It was so fun getting to hang and have besty time together. This was the first time she had been to Idaho or to visit us here and it was a blast.  She was supposed to fly into Pullman, which is about 15 … Continue reading Besty Weekend