Butt Sister Cookoff

Oh the Butt Sister Cookoff, how I look forward to thee each year! It's a fun filled day in the middle of summer where a ton of Eric's family gets together at our aunt and uncle's cabin and have a good old family cookoff. What a special day of suspected sabotage, panic over who gets the … Continue reading Butt Sister Cookoff

Hayden Lake

We spent this weekend at Hayden Lake, ID for a golf tournament Eric played in on Saturday and got to stay at the Hayden Lake Country Club. Eric was busy all Saturday golfing so I spent the day exploring, relaxing, and enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake, and of course hitting up Target. 😉  This was … Continue reading Hayden Lake

Linebacker BBQ

We survived another dinner having the linebackers over! I say that because feeding 15 hungry players is always an undertaking and making sure there is a ton of food so they can eat as much as they want and have some to take home too always stresses me out. There's nothing worse than not making enough food. … Continue reading Linebacker BBQ

Spring’s Almost Sprung

The weather up here keeps tricking me into thinking it's full-on spring one day and then the next day it's snowing and grey again. But today Spring was in full swing and fingers crossed it stays that way. This weekend it's supposed to be 68º!! With the tease of warmer weather on the way I … Continue reading Spring’s Almost Sprung

CA for Spring Break

The last few weeks have been a little crazy and I haven't posted in forever!  I wanted to share some photos from our trip to CA for Eric's spring break. It was a last minute decision that we were going to drive to CA, but I am so happy Eric talked me into it. Driving … Continue reading CA for Spring Break

Signing Day Weekend 

This weekend we celebrated the end of recruiting season for Eric and got to spend a long relaxing weekend in Coeur D'Alene and stayed at the gorgeous resort there. The first night we arrived just before the sunset, I couldn't get enough of the view! I kept just standing on the patio staring out at … Continue reading Signing Day Weekend