Harper Marin’s Nursery

I’m so excited to finally share a peek into our sweet baby girl Harper’s nursery. It was so special putting it all together and knowing it would be a place for us to spend precious time with our baby girl. I waited a long time to be able to decorate a nursery for our baby and couldn’t wait to put it all together. I didn’t have a theme in mind but I knew I wanted it to be really light, airy and feminine so I kept that in mind when I was looking for items to fill the space.I had a couple really special items I wanted to include in her room that I had been saving for when the day finally came that we had a baby. Back when Eric and I were in high school I went with his family to Monterey for an Easter weekend trip. On Easter morning Eric’s Dad went out and got all of his kids a gift from the Easter Bunny to wake up to on their beds. He was so kind and thoughtful and got me a sweet lavender bunny stuffed animal – I remember feeling so special that he included me. I tucked that little bunny away all those years and through all of our moves around the country in hopes to put it in our baby’s nursery one day. Now Harper gets to have a special piece of her Pops in her room and I am so happy I saved it all those years.Another special item I saved for Harper was a Peter Rabbit book set that used to be in my nursery when I was a baby. I always loved Peter Rabbit and the set is so classic and sweet. I put it on display on her dresser and have been reading them to her here and there. I hope she has a love for them and can put them in her baby’s room one day too 🙂 Before Harper was born I would sit in her room and daydream about what she would look like, who she would be and all the moments that we would spend in there. Now that she’s here I have loved so many special moments with her – nursing her in the chair in the late afternoon with the sun shining through the window, cuddling with her after bath time, reading to her sitting in my lap, and watching her fall asleep in Eric’s arms before bed.

Thanks to our family and friends for so many generous and wonderful gifts that helped to fill this room with love. This nursery is everything I hoped it would be and I hope she loves it as much as I do.

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xo, CB


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