5 Year Work Anniversary Trip in Seattle

I just realized I never posted these photos from the trip we took to Seattle all thanks to my 5 year anniversary at work. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! When I think back to when I first started at this company it feels like it was just yesterday, fresh off graduating from college and ready to get my career started. I remember being so nervous to work in a big office, for a big company and on these big client projects.  I worked in the office for a year and now flash forward 5 year sand have been so lucky to be able to work remotely for 4 years. I’m really thankful to work for a good company with great people!

On our trip we stayed at an awesome hotel downtown, the Hyatt at Olive 8. It was so great and in the best location to be able to walk to good shopping downtown, and fun restaurants and bars in Capitol Hill. We were staying with Eric’s brother and his wife the week before in Port Angeles and they drove out to spend the long weekend with us and our friends Ben and Erica made a last minute trip up from CA to hang too! It was a blast and the best crew to explore with.  We split up from the guys one day while they golfed at Chambers Bay and us girls shopped ’til we dropped, had a pizza and wine pit stop and  shopped some more for the perfect girls day! We spent half the long weekend in the city and drove down to Tacoma to see Eric Church in concert on our last night – he was so so good live! The last day our kind friends went with us to the most intense Ikea ever so I could get a new desk situation to work at from home. My new desk has been a serious game changer – i’m obsessed with my new work situation! It was the most perfect long weekend celebrating my 5 year work anniversary and spending time with family and friends! City lights the night we drove to Port AngelesBeautiful view of the city at sunset heading in on the ferry We made reservations at Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium on the first night, and it did not disappoint. It was a whole experience from the twinkling lights behind the bar, to the smoky smell of incenses, to the cocktail names and how they were served. One of the drinks we ordered, the “Khaleesi Cocktail”, came with “Dragon’s Blood” smoke that the drink got poured into, spun around in and then poured out into a drinking glass. It was definitely the coolest place we went on our trip.everyone loves a flight One of the drinks I had was the Tik Toki, it was light and florally with elderflower and japanese whiskey – right up my ally. city views and grey skiesI wish I could have taken all of these home with me!
You’d think for being in Seattle that I’d be holding a cup of coffee, but it was the most delicious cup of hott apple cider a seriously delicious breakfast at Serious Pie and Biscuit Us girls went to the Starbucks Roastery and Tasting room, basically the Disneyland of coffee, and we got to try the Whiskey Barrel-Aged coffee. I think we all had major coffee jitters when we left because you can’t try just one coffee and they’re all so delicious! It was the perfect morning, drinking coffee, eating pastries, having ice cream with more coffee on it, followed by more shopping of course 😉 This cute little sign makes me want to pull out my french press that I haven’t used in forever Eric Church! He had so much energy and was so good live. He’s also one of Eric’s favorites and I knew way more songs than I thought I would which always makes a concert fun! #springsteen It was a blast of a weekend spending time with family and friends, exploring in the city and celebrating my work anniversary! I didn’t take pictures of half the things we did to share but isn’t that what means you were having a blast? I wish we could do it all over again but I’ll have these memories until the next trip!

Hope you’re having a wonderful sunshiney week where you are! Thanks for visiting!
xo CB


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