My parents were here!

My parents came up to visit us for a long weekend last week and it was incredible. We had the best time just being together, but we also crammed in so many things over the 4 days they were here. Everything went so perfectly while they were here from their flight up here, cooking a delicious meal, checking out Moscow, going up to Coeur D’Alene for the day, making it to the Homecoming bonfire on campus right before the flood of students arrived, eating at all my favorite restaurants I wanted to show them, not burning a single cookie for the players (my mom said I finally passed the burning curve. ha thanks mom), and they even did chores around here like fixing all the closet doors. ( 😉 thanks guys!)  parents are the best !They’re here!! Let the adventure begin, first stop was the arboretum of course 🙂 Discussing their imaginary tree house plans Mom brought lots of goodies for usAlthough their whole trip here was awesome, my favorite part was cooking dinner and baking with my mom on Thursday night. We made this Pioneer Woman Peach-Whiskey Barbecue Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. It’s a crowd pleaser dish and it made me so happy when my dad had seconds. I guess you could say this was the first time my mom and I were able to make a full meal together since I moved away, whenever I’m visiting them we’re always going out or there isn’t time to prepare a meal like this and I was full of joy that night. Eric, my parents and I all under one roof. Mom and I in the kitchen, Eric and my Dad in the living room watching football, a good meal together at the table and spending time together. It made me realize how different things would be if we lived in Fresno, nights like this would be a regular occurrence. I am so thankful for our life here in Moscow, and thankfully it isn’t too far from CA but I do wish we had nights like this more often. ♥ my heart was so fullWe made the Linebackers goody bags for the Homecoming game. My mom and I baked our buns off making chocolate chip cookies and these brownies covered in a s’mores style topping with marshmallow cream, crumbled graham crackers, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. We all pitched in stuffing the bags along with some candy for a full on sugar high for the players. #govandals Friday we took a day trip up to Coeur D’Alene, walked around the resort’s floating pier, had a long relaxing lunch there, and then walked all around downtown checking out the sights. We even made a quick stop at Target 😉 We were supposed to head home at 130ish to get back in time for a furniture delivery I had scheduled (bad timing), that was already 2 months late, but it worked out that the delivery was early and arrived right when Eric was home on lunch. It made our day perfect without having to rush back home and we got to enjoy a full day lunch and dessert at the resort…obviously had to get 2 desserts 😉 this braised beef rigatoni might be the best pasta dish I’ve ever had (insert heart eyes emoji) you can get it at the Lodgepole here in MoscowI’d say my parents favorite part of the trip was going to the school’s Homecoming bonfire on Friday night. They took off like they were college kids and got right up by the fire ditching me in the crowd ha. There was a ton of school spirit that night, and a big fireworks show at the end Now if I had to pick a favorite part of their trip for just my Dad it was definitely the Homecoming parade in downtown Moscow on Saturday morning before the game. He loves parades and that good small town feeling. clearly impressed with the size of the cabbage at the farmer’s market 🙂 frutta pizza at Maialina supporting the Vandals through and through!  We ended the last night of their trip with a drive over to Pullman for dinner at Black Cyrpress for the best cocktails and steaks on the Palouse

It was so hard to see them leave but we made some awesome memories to hold us over until the next time we’re all together! We’re already discussing our next trips for more fun adventures. I’m so thankful for them and so happy they could make it up here!!

xo CB

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