24 hours in Seattle 

This past weekend I got to travel with Eric and the team to Seattle for their game against University of Washington. I love getting to travel with the team and try to make the most out of the 24 hours that I get to tag along in another city. We arrived on Friday afternoon at about 4pm and left right after the game the next day at about 6pm, so I guess this was 26 hours in Seattle, but either way it was a quickie. Eric’s time there is all business with a little time in the evening to visit with family, so for me it’s time to sight-see and fit as much as I can into the short time. My mother-brother-&-sister-in-law all drove in to hang for the weekend and we had a blast! Friday night we had dinner near the hotel, and Saturday we got up early to check out downtown Seattle. My sister in law was the best tour guide and showed me the highlights of the city that she knew I would love, the Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room and Pike Place Market. After some sightseeing, we went to the game to cheer on our Vandals! It was a great 24 hours and I’m looking forward to going on one more trip with the team this season. #GOVANDALS The Rose Latte at fonté coffee roaster. I need to try making this one at home ASAPA PNW evening viewLove spending time with these ladies This picture doesn’t do this drink justice, it was a jack and diet with a lime slushie poured down the middle that my brother-in-law ordered. It was an dangerously satisfying combo of kid and adult drinks in one everything we ordered at JOEY Bellevue soo freshgameday morning Our first stop on Saturday was at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. I was in heaven!! special reserve coffee, natural wood, copper finishes and staff that made this place fee like the Disneyland of coffee shops. I wanted to order everything on the menu! This place is a must seemorning light how many pictures do you think he’s been in 
the most reasonable way to start off my morning was to order a coffee, an affogato (basically a cup of ice cream with more coffee) and a quiche. The quiche had the FLAKIEST and butteriest crust I’ve ever had. I have a thing for crust…affogato with a hint of mint I had the Shakerato Bianco, a chilled coffee topped with foam and served with a side of sweet cream. I wish I could drink this every morning. It was smooth, rich, and creamy. Absolutely perfect! touristingAfter the Starbucks reserve we headed to Pike Place, because obviously this first timer in Seattle had to experience it 🙂 i envy those who can go to the market and get fresh flowers all the timethe amount of fresh flowers, produce and seafood was astounding
doing what tourists doa refreshing find on our way out. it was 100% fresh juice turned slush from these freezing machines, no water or sugar added. Must make these too! game time! nachos are a must haveThis stadium was right on the water so from our seats we could see the lake and people hanging on their boats. It was a mix of relaxing by the water and game day adrenaline.

I am so happy I was able to go on this trip with Eric and the team. I can’t wait to go back with Eric and have more time to explore, eat more and enjoy this city.

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xo CB


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