Taft Point and Yosemite Valley

With summer officially coming to an end at the end of Sept. I thought I’d share some pics from my last summer hurrah. At the beginning of August I was able to head back to Fresno to visit my parents and celebrate my Mom’s birthday! The week was full of visiting family, catching up with friends, going in to work, and celebrating my sweet Mama. The day before I was supposed to head  back home my parents and I took a day trip up to Yosemite. We hiked out to Taft Point and then had a relaxing afternoon picnicking at Sentinel Beach, lazily kayaking up the river and enjoying a perfect day together. Yosemite is my Dad’s second home, his backyard, his place to escape it all. He’s got so many stories adventuring there from hang gliding off Glacier Point 60 something times, hiking all over, camping, jumping off bridges, rafting, brunching at the Ahwahanee, he’s done it all. Every year he tries to beat his record for times visiting the park, he goes 30+ times at least! He’s the best tour guide I know 🙂 It wouldn’t be a normal pic with my dad without the bunny ears Can you spot me?Love her! We had a great time celebrating her birthday, lunch, pedis, coffee, shopping and dinn 🙂 all of our favorites! Until next time Yosem 🙂 I’m super excited my parents are coming up to visit us at the end of this month and I can’t wait! Good thing this month’s going to be busy, it’ll help make the time go by fast until they get here.

Thanks for stopping by CB EATS!
xo CB

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