Idaho Summer 

For the past few summer’s when Eric gets his few week’s vacation we’ve made a trip down to CA, but this summer we thought we’d stick close to home and spend our time here in Idaho. We were able to spend a half week at Eric’s aunt and uncle’s cabin in New Meadows, Idaho. They are so welcoming every time we come visit, we always leave wishing we could stay longer!  My sister and brother in law were visiting, along with Eric’s mom, cousin, aunts, uncle and grandma. It was a mini reunion to me because I haven’t seen most of them in forever! We had a blast exploring like we usually do. This time we went on a few different adventures that we hadn’t done before and it was a blast! We rode to the top of Brundage Mountain Ski resort on the ski lifts for a 360 view of the surrounding mountains and  lakes, went to a natural hot spring at an old ghost town, rode the quads to a secluded lake to kayak, relaxed at the lake avoiding leeches (so terrifying), rode paddle boards and kayaks where we saw a big bull moose and enjoyed lots of good family time eating yummy meals and spending time together.At the top of Brundage lookout! This was the first time we’d ridden the ski lifts to the top! From the cabin you can ride quads up there too, but this way was a lot less dusty and buggy 😉 My girls at the top♥ Missing a few herePulled Pork sandwich with Huckleberry barbecue sauce on the Brundage Mountain Ski Resort patio Payette LakeHuckleberry Bellinis and a strawberry shortcake on the Shore Lodge patio Caprese salad amuse-bouche, basically a single tiny bite before dinner.. we were starving and it was a huge tease. After a few cocktails I couldn’t stop saying amuse-bouche, I thought it was so funny (still do 😉 ) Group shot after our family dinner celebrating Eric’s Dad’s birthday, great company and  food celebrating a truly great man. Firepit night at the cabin! We only had marshmallows for the s’mores so we sandwiched roasted marshmallows between two of Eric’s grandma’s  chocolate chip cookies for an ultimate cookie s’mores treat.. they were sooo good I had 2 plus probably 10+ roasted marshmallows 🙂 We’re heading back again in the middle of the month to hang with more family that will be up visiting and I cannot wait. Hope you’re all having an amazing start to your summers!

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xo CB

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