Hayden Lake

We spent this weekend at Hayden Lake, ID for a golf tournament Eric played in on Saturday and got to stay at the Hayden Lake Country Club. Eric was busy all Saturday golfing so I spent the day exploring, relaxing, and enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake, and of course hitting up Target. 😉  This was the first time either of us had been to Hayden Lake and it’s the furthest north we’ve traveled in Idaho thus far. If it weren’t for the golf tournament I don’t think we would have ever found out about this hidden gem.  As Ben Wyatt from Parks & Rec would say “ Idaho is basically one giant park.” and it seriously is, there are so many magical places to see in this state and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

We didn’t get to our room until late Friday night, and had no idea the view we were in for when we woke up Saturday morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in this gorgeous place. We got to stay in one of the cabanas at the country club that was right on the water overlooking the lake. It was the perfect view for afternoon relaxing and a cat nap when the rain started coming down. There were so many cute neighborhoods in the area…you can find me here one day.We lucked out on weather, it was supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day but it didn’t start until late in the afternoon which made for the perfect weather for outdoor exploring. Except that I was kicking myself for not bringing my bicycle. I walked from the country club to Honeysuckle Beach and saw deer and baby ducks on my way through the woods.  It was so peaceful and quiet with fresh mountain air. Stopped in at the Wellness Bar and had the Beet the Blues, it was so refreshing and the cutest little place. I haven’t come across any juice bars where we live, so I had to stop in when I saw it.Our last night there we attended a fundraising dinner for the Vandal Scholarship Fund and had this amazing meal overlooking the lake. Normally banquet style dinners don’t have the best food, but this one was seriously good. Steak and potatoes please! Hello dessert!…cheesecake, chocolate mouse, and chocolate and vanilla layered cake topped with fresh whipped cream and blackberry sauce…don’t mind if I do. 🙂I wish the weekend could have lasted a million more days, we already can’t wait to go back!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend 🙂
xo CB

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