Spring’s Almost Sprung

The weather up here keeps tricking me into thinking it’s full-on spring one day and then the next day it’s snowing and grey again. But today Spring was in full swing and fingers crossed it stays that way. This weekend it’s supposed to be 68º!!

With the tease of warmer weather on the way I have a list of things I’ve been wanting to do or try or buy or make.

First off I want to give our house a little spring refresh. On Easter Eric and I cleaned out our closet (Eric’s idea that made me SO happy!) and we donated 4 big bags full of old clothes and things that had been piling up. It was the best feeling to just get rid of old stuff and it feels good to donate it or sell it at this cute consignment store downtown instead of just tossing it out. I have sold so many things at this consignment store since we’ve lived here they are probably wondering how I still have anything left to wear in my closet. After this weekend’s cleaning I can now finally hang clothes on Eric’s side of the closet without having to struggle to make space for one extra hanger. major WIN! This weekend I’m hoping to tackle the garage and a storage closet…wish me luck.

Aside from cleaning out the old, I want to get some fun crafts going.  I want to make a cute woven wall hanging to fill this empty wall space in our living room that has been driving me crazy for monnnnths. I found a few cute DIY’s that I want to try.


This one from HOMEY oh my! I love the cute hanging ring and it would look so cute with this one from The Kitchy Kitchen. I’ll post pics once I get around to doing them if they turn out like I want them too 😉

wall-hangingAnother DIY item on my list is to make some cute succulent/cacti arrangements. I am loving these as inspiration for what I want to do. I do not have a green thumb but am excited to give it a try. I’m hoping the gardening stores around here will have these out now so I can get them going 🙂 succulents3

img_74301This is the cutest diy planter made out of a bundt pan!

Besides sprucing up the house I want to work on exercising outside more instead of solely relying on the gym. For the past few years I have been dying to get a bicycle. Moscow would be the cutest little town to ride a bike around. I love feeling the wind in your hair, and cruising around neighborhoods. Fingers crossed we go look around and find the perfect one this weekend ! I’ve got my heart set on a PUBLIC bike ♥ but we’ll see what Moscow has to offer, there’s a surprising amount of bike shops here so I’m sure we’ll find something good.

On top of this little spring list, I’m working on recipes and enjoying the off-season with EB. Spring’s looking like it’s going to be keeping me pretty busy.

Hope you’re having a great sun-filled week!
xo CB



2 thoughts on “Spring’s Almost Sprung

  1. Love Carrie! I’ve been wanting to so the macrame for the longest time! You just reminded me 🙂 I have a couple tips on the succulents! Miss you and love your blog!


    1. If you do any macrame you’ll have to share some pics! And please let me know your succulent secrets I need all the tips I can get! Miss you too thank you hope you’re doing well in AU 🙂


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