Bananas on Toast

Sometimes you just need to eat something that reminds you of home. My dad always made Bananas on Toast for me; toast, with butter, jelly and sliced bananas. This is perfect comfort food to me, it reminds me of being at my Dad’s house and he’d make me a plate of this Bananas on Toast and we’d talk and enjoy breakfast together. I love to make it for myself now, it’s really quick and is one of my favorite breakfasts! Bananas on Toast + coffee = the perfect relaxing morning
This is the perfect breakfast for a weekday morning when you’re in a rush, or a lazy weekend when you don’t feel like cooking up a big breakfast.

Bananas on Toast

slice of your favorite bread, I like wheat
your favorite jelly, I like blackberry or strawberry
sliced banana

Toast the slice of bread, and spread with butter then jelly and top with sliced bananas…and that’s it!

Enjoy! 🙂
xo CB

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