Signing Day Weekend 

This weekend we celebrated the end of recruiting season for Eric and got to spend a long relaxing weekend in Coeur D’Alene and stayed at the gorgeous resort there. The first night we arrived just before the sunset, I couldn’t get enough of the view! I kept just standing on the patio staring out at it even though it was freezing. Our room was on the 17th floor and faced the lake and mountains toward the West and it was so beautiful to look out at it our entire stay. On that first night we had a football event to go to where all of the coaches spoke about all of the new recruits that signed to come play here! It’ll be exciting to see them play this season after seeing how much they’ll be bringing to the team.

Enough football…this hotel was everything! This was the third time we’ve been able to stay there for this signing day weekend and it is incredible every time. The first morning we woke up and just enjoyed the room, it had these awesome curtains that open with the push of a button so you don’t have to get out of bed to enjoy the view. We had a late lunch, and got to go to Target. I was in heaven just shopping around and spending time with EB, it has been awhile that we’ve had normal life and get to go do normal life things together.
Here’s the view from our room! I miss it alreadyAt sunset it was like a dream.

We ran across the street to a tiny mom-and-pop burger restaurant Hudson’s Hamburgers for double cheeseburgers and pie. It was like going back in time, you sit at a bar and give them your order and they cook the burgers on a tiny griddle right behind the bar in front of you. The menu is so simple with only burgers, egg sandwiches and pie…no fries, no nothing, but it is perfect and hit the spot. The Chocolate Mousse Pie was so light and creamy, my favorite part about pie is the crust and it was flaky and cold just the way I like it. I took it to go and ate it in our room and watched the sun set.
We walked around the cute downtown area by the hotel and got ice cream and candy and swam in the hotel’s indoor pool. We had dinner that night with friends at this modern pizza restaurant Fire. It was so good and I was starving…I totally ate an entire Margherita pizza to myself…don’t judge! 😉This spoon I got with my ice cream turned blue when it got cold and I was eating it while we were walking around outside, the whole thing was blue from the cold once I was finished. Also EB was in heaven in this candy store!
Ahh, one last shot of that sunset.

The last day we were up north we went to Spokane specifically to go to Trader Joe’s! It was insanely busy since it was the day before the Super Bowl so we made it extra worth it and got so much food there. Our freezer is overflowing with easy frozen dinner stuff, we also got some of our favorite snacks and trail mixes and I stocked up on as much PB&J greek yogurt that I thought I could eat before it expires; it is my fave!

Super Bowl Sunday was a giant food fest, I am still so full thinking about it. We had our friends Brian & Jill over and pigged out, we literally had enough food for 20 people. Jill made these most delicious spring rolls and peanut sauce. They were so fresh, crunchy and incredible. I didn’t know I needed them in my life so bad. I will have get the recipe from her to share it!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!
xo CB

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