Change is a good thing!

As last week was ending and through the weekend I was thinking to myself how stuck in routine I am. I wake up, walk into my office work, eat lunch and clean or watch TV, go back to work, at 5 I try to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week, come home eat dinner and relax and watch TV. I feel like I get a lot done but I was lacking in energy, and even though I am going to the gym I am not seeing changes or feeling invigorated.

SO over the weekend I decided I needed a change and I know this isn’t huge or groundbreaking but I randomly found the YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, and she has different challenges and I decided I am going to break up my routine and add in a new routine for the next 30 days (27 now) and do this challenge everyday until the 30 days are up. I am hoping by writing it here, that I will stick to it. Today I woke up at 7am, did my yoga video and I am feeling really focused and refreshed. Fingers crossed I can stick to it, but it was a great and energizing feeling to get up and just do it and push myself to do it because waking up 45 minutes earlier than usual was not easy. 😉 

Also over the weekend I organized our fridge!! Why am I so excited about this?! I ordered a set of fridge bins from Amazon (b.t.w. Amazon Prime is amazing!) and got to it. I tossed out all of the expired food (most was expired because I couldn’t see it hiding in there), cleaned each shelf, combined all of the similar items into the bins and back in the fridge they went. I added washi tape as labels to help keep things organized and fingers crossed we can keep it this way. The bins help everything stay organized and make it a million times easier to see everything.

Here is the embarrassing before
These are the bins + a wine holder that I used
Here is the amazing after! I changed it a little from this to fit our needs even better, and so far so good! I have high hopes we can stick to it.

On Sunday I went for a walk at this trail by our house, it was gorgeous and bright, and the trail was the only thing still covered in snow. It was soo nice to be outside, it has been rainy/snowy and gray out for a long time now so I couldn’t let this day pass me by. Here’s the view looking into town, if you look closely you can see the big white Kibbie Dome where Eric works. 

Hoping you’re all having a great start to your week! I’ll be adding more food posts later this week!

xo CB




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