Asian Pears 

I stocked up on some Asian Pears at the Moscow farmers market recently. The market only runs through October, so I needed to get them while I could. I love Asian Pears and the last batch I bought was perfect. They have a really delicate sweet pear flavor and are so crunchy and juicy.

Eating Asian Pears reminds me of my grandparents, they always had them around when I was growing up. My grandpa would always cut one up for an afternoon snack and have it while reading the paper. He was always one to share food, and basically insisted you eat what he was offering. I think my love for these stems from him. I love how eating something can flood you with memories or a moment in time…


If you see these at your local store or market, you should definitely try them if you haven’t.  I recommend peeling them, slicing them like an apple and eating them cold.

xo CB

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