Happy Columbus Day! 

This past week was crazy busy with work and I definitely needed this 3 day weekend. Time to relax, regroup and spend some time with Eric!! He was off on Saturday for the bye weekend, and we made it count. This bye weekend was great and came at a perfect time, we’ve got friends and family coming to visit over the next couple months of the season that will break things up. Football coaches work non-stop, they don’t get days off during the season, so this was Eric’s one Saturday off from August- who knows when…when does recruiting end? Ha I can’t keep up. 

Thursday we had ground turkey taco salad, I never make it but it was surprisingly satisfying. Fresh grated cheese makes everything better!! I also mixed in black beans with the meat, that made it heartier. We chowed down on the couch and caught up on our new favorite show, Narcos on Netflix! Is it weird that watching it made me want Mexican food & margaritas? Hence the taco salad. 

We went out for dinner on Friday, for the first time since August! It was sooo great, we always say we need to do it more.  We got drinks, shared apps, and had dinner. The food took forever, but it was fine because we were enjoying each other’s company and it was just so great to be out together.    
Steak with a blue cheese cream sauce for him, pork loin and baby bok choy for me. That is a vanilla fig sauce on my plate, it was so good and worked really well with the spiced pork and garlicky greens. Who would have thought.


We also went to our friend’s kid’s birthday party. She made these cupcakes and they were so creative and colorful. She’s seriously a cupcake master.
We went back to Pullman on Saturday for a haircut and some lunch and while Eric was getting his hair cut I went over to a cute new coffee shop. I got a Himalayan Chai, yes please! It was so cute inside, with pumpkins, lots of homemade goodies and cute penmanship on their menu. It’s all in the details for me. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and Monday whether you’re on holiday or not! One of my very best friends is coming in a few weeks and I’m getting so excited, can’t wait to share our adventures. 

xx CB 

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