Chicken Bacon Ranch Roll-Ups 

Yesterday we had a home game and one of the coaches wives put together a tailgate, it was a good time!

I wanted to bring something and had some leftover crescent rolls from the apple dumplings I made this week and wanted to use them up. I was originally thinking of just filling them with some chocolate hazelnut spread and calling it a day. But, when I heard there would be chili I wanted to make something that would go good along side. Plus, I was already bringing some store-bought cookies.

These roll ups are really simple and I used all store-bought, pre-made ingredients. Did I say these were easy yet?

Lay them out, brush on some ranch dressing.  I used buttermilk ranch dressing I had leftover from the week, but bottled would be great too and even more simple.
(Ignore my sad baking sheet, one to many burnt cookies died on it.)

Fill ’em up! I bought some chicken sandwich meat, but you could use leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken. You could also use freshly cooked bacon, chopped up, but I went the easy route with some good old bacon bits.

I tore pieces off of the chicken and cheese, you don’t want them to be too full so they can’t roll up.

Roll ’em up! Top some with a little bacon.

Bake them up. So melty!

Makes 16 roll-ups

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

2 packages (8 count) crescent rolls
Ranch dressing
1 package Carving Board Chicken Breast (sandwich meat)
4-5 Swiss cheese slices
Real bacon bits

Roll out the crescent roll dough. Lightly brush on some ranch dressing. Top with a small piece of chicken and Swiss cheese. Then sprinkle with bacon. Roll them up starting at the wide end.

Place on a baking sheet, seam side down, and bake for about 10-15 minutes or until they are golden brown and the cheese is oozing out.

These are great for tailgating, watching football on a Sunday afternoon or as a quick appetizer.

Happy Sunday!

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