Last week while my mother in law was visiting I made those Pot Stickers I had previously mentioned as part of our dinner menu.  My MIL is always a big help and we had a great time catching up and stuffing these little pork filled babies. We followed an easy Pot Sticker recipe I had found here. The recipe was great and I followed it pretty closely, but left out the Shiitake mushrooms only because my local grocery store didn’t have them. The Pot Stickers were delicious and full of flavor without the Shiitakes, but next time I’d love to make them with.

Whenever I make Chinese food it makes me think of my Mom and Grandpa, I was reminiscing major when I made these. I remember being in our family’s Chinese restaurants and watching the prep cooks make Pot Stickers at record speed with hundreds in a single batch. I’ll definitely have to practice to get that perfect fold down in the future, but the flavor was all there. They were exactly as I was imagining, the ginger and hoisin sauce gave them an authentic flavor. We ate them with hoisin sauce on the side and it was the perfect combination!

The recipe made a lot, so I froze half and fried some up for Eric a few nights later and they were just as moist on the inside, crispy on the outside as the fresh batch.

Considering these were the first time I had made these, I would say they turned out great and I can’t wait to eat the rest!

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